What is KORTV?

KORTV is an Internet television network designed to provide free live Korean IPTV in addition to other premium services including premium channels, Video on Demand (VODs), and popular Korean movies to a globally and technologically connected Korean and non-Korean audiences.

KORTV was originally known as WKNTV on Netgear or Roku media players. The name change reflects the Company's unwavering determination to become a leading player of Korean media service in the fast growing global IP media industry. Originally distributed using Netgear NeoTV and Roku streaming technology, KORTV is now on Apple TV's powerful IP platform where it can reach audiences from over 200 countries.

KORTV’s plan was designed from the start to capitalize on one of the most significant technological convergences of the twenty-first century — the much-anticipated merger between Internet-based video on demand and traditional television. Specifically, KORTV plans to be the first Company that is focusing on the rapidly expanding demands of the worldwide Korean entertainment market.

KORTV’s most significant competitive advantage is the Company’s long-range goal of developing solid strategic relationships with the companies and the individuals that have the greatest influence on the global media industry. In short, by focusing on this tactic, KORTV will be able to retain the strong leadership position it plans on achieving in the Korean and global TV, video, and movie arena.

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