Rewind The Time

KORTV offers two types of Video on Demand (VOD) service, On Air and Encore, for your viewing pleasure.

On Air VOD

Did you forget to watch your favorite TV show? Well, don't worry. We got you covered. KORTV offers this specialized service because we know that not everybody lives in same time zone or have same daily schedule. Think of On Air VOD as a virtual video recorder for you. We record and upload already aired TV shows so you don't miss your favorite TV show even if you are sleeping or working, you always have access to your favorite TV shows at KORTV. We store them on our virtual server for up to 30 days for your viewing pleasure.

Encore VOD

Encore VOD is KORTV's feature that allows you to watch all the episodes of current and past TV drama shows. All currently available episodes will be available automatically and later episodes will be available as they are released. This feature gives you a chance to watch whole episodes from beginning to end.